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Born in New York City, I am a graduate of the High School of Art and Design,  Parsons School of Design, and The New School. A part of each summer is spent at The Art Barge in Napeague, Long Island, where the beauty of the water, sounds of the birds, and sandy green vista nourishes my soul.  My career began in illustration which was done in watercolor, airbrush and colored pencil. After a commercial art career of 20 years in NYC, a change was in order. Now, painting in both oil and acrylic, I can focus on painting what resonates with me most. Trees. Branches. Wind. Color.  Trees give us life. They give us the air we breath.

More recently, I have been exploring the 3-dimensional. Inspired by seeing so many areas up and down the east coast with dead or dying trees, it saddened me to  see the effects of strangling vines, pollution, disease and neglect on forests. Thus began my "Pollution Trees/Tree Totems" series. Using dead or live branches, spray paint, cement and other materials, these creations represent a stark visual reality to an otherwise slowly progressing degenerative process that we might hardly ever notice.